The role of  IV nutrient therapy (Immunonutriention) in  wound healing

13th July, 2023
IV Therapy and surgical wound healing

Immunonutrition is already known to decrease wound complications. There is evidence which suggests that in certain circumstances, it improves the process and efficiency of wound healing. Optimizing nutrition and providing  IV immunonutrients in the correct settings may ultimately provide improved clinical outcomes with regard to decreased wound complications, decreased duration of wound healing, and lower clinical costs associated with wound care.

Natural Immunity works with IV Immunonutrition, in its current formulation, including supplementation with arginine and/or glutamine, omega-3 (ω-3) fatty acids, different vitamins, and trace minerals. Using IV drip therapy we can achieve 100% bioavailability by avoiding the digestive tract and giving the body the full compliment of immunonutrients  rather than the maximum 40% of absorption of oral supplements.

IV immunonutrition may assist in shortening the time and reducing the risk of ongoing complication including infections post surgery or if the patient is nutritionally deficient due to age and malabsorption issues. IV immunonutrition therapy may be helpful in those patient that are immobile and have developed pressure sores. Natural Immunity will work in collaboration with your specialist Doctor and allied health professionals to give you the best opportunity to heal.