High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C ( HDIVC) in the treatment of cancer

15th August, 2023

The evidence is mounting and indicating that High Dose Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C (HDIVC) has the potential to be a potent anti cancer agent. Recent insights into the physiological characteristics of Vit – C. Its pharmacokinetics, and result from pre clinical reports, suggest HDIVC could be effectively utilized in the management of various tumors types. Vit C is multifunctional, it is a powerful antioxidant helping vital tissue structures and functions by protecting the key macromolecules such as protein and fats and DNA from oxidative stress ( oxidation).
Vitamin C is an enzyme co activator. That is, it is  involved in the production of hormones and metabolic energy. Vitamin C consequently plays a major role in the controlling of gene transcription via its action on epigenetic modifying enzymes and has amazing anti inflammatory properties .

The 1979 Review “Ascorbic Acid and Cancer” Linus Pauling outline the need for more in-depth clinical trails into HDIVC and the treatment of cancer . There is now a large body of evidence accumulating suggesting that Vitamin C when administered in high doses intravenously, has potent cancer selective cytotoxic cancer -therapy sensitizing and toxicity reducing properties.

What dose this mean? It means that HDIVC has the potential to expand the therapeutic range of radio – chemo – and targeting therapies as well as their efficiency.


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