Menopausal Symptom Management and Intravenous Vitamins

4th September, 2023

The list of menopausal symptoms is long, varied and will depend on your unique situation and past medical history as to how you may either breeze through menopause or struggle. Menopausal systems are primarily caused by the imbalance of hormones in a women’s body as it transitions from the child bearing years into perimenopause, menopause ( one year after her last period ) and on into her post menopausal years.

Some of the symptoms of a women having a hormonal imbalance are a young girl getting her periods at the early age of nine. (Typically the age of puberty for a female is 14 – 18 years old), heavy menstrual flow, abdomen cramps, severe mood swings, irregular bleeding, migraines, hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, depression , skin irritations , endometriosis, adometriosis ( inflammation in the uterine muscle), heart disease, clots, depression, breast cancer, uterine cancer, fibroids in the uterus, cyst in the ovaries, to name but a few.

IV therapy has proven very effective for many women who want to achieve balance in their hormones. Natural Immunity’s Immunonutrional therapy includes the vital vitamins and minerals required for the body to function at optimal capacity. IV Immunonutrional therapy may help balance hormone production and maintain homeostasis.

Magnesium-  assists with insomnia, cramps, muscle aches and pains , bloating, anxiety, irritability and mood swings

Glutathione – This powerful antioxidant serves as an immune regulator , that is it brings the bodies immune response into equilibrium  and has a detoxification affect on the liver helping with the cleansing of toxins that may be endocrine disrupters . Glutathione assists with sleep, and with weight loss by assisting with bring the bodies hormones back into balance.

Folic Acid – assist with decreasing the severity and frequency of hot flushes

Vitamin B6 assists with the production of the happy hormone serotonin, decreasing the occurrence of mood swings.

IV Immunonutrition is 100% bioavailable to your bodies cells by bi-passing the digestive tract and going straight into your blood stream. The nutrients work on a cellular level straight away.